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Senior University Georgetown is a non-profit membership organization for persons over 50 years of age in the greater Georgetown community. It is dedicated to the proposition that lifelong learning is an essential component of a life of satisfaction and fulfillment, and it is committed to providing a variety of continuing education opportunities for its members. The mission of Senior University is to offer a diverse program of classes, lectures, travel activities, and other learning opportunities designed to provide intellectual stimulation, cultural experiences, and personal enjoyment. It is committed to the exchange of information and ideas led by volunteer instructors and lecturers in an atmosphere of free inquiry and discussion.

Senior University regularly offers (1) courses twice a year – fall and winter – for a duration of 6 weeks each term, (2) a summer term of one week, (3) lectures open and free of charge to the public of all ages, and (4) a varied program of travel experiences in Texas and elsewhere in the nation. Membership in Senior University is required to participate in any of these programs except the public lectures program. These programs require no examinations and generate no academic credit.

We welcome inquiries from prospective members, instructors, and lecturers.

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Do I have to be a member of Senior University to take classes or to travel?
Yes. You must be a member to enroll for courses or travel. The membership dues are $50 per person for twelve months. Membership Form

How many courses may I take?
You may take one course in each time slot. Normally there are six to eight time slots, so you may enroll for six to eight courses in the fall or winter terms.

Do I have to pay for each class?
There is a single registration fee of $70 for the fall or winter terms and $50 for the summer term. You do not pay for each course. Some courses require materials which may have an additional cost.

How will I know that I have been enrolled?
You will receive a notice confirming your enrollment before classes begin via email.

May I register late?
Late enrollment is permitted for classes that are not filled.

How does Senior University determine who may register for courses with limited enrollment?
Applicants are enrolled on first-come-first-served basis. Some classes with limited enrollment fill quickly. You will be notified if a course you requested is no longer available, and you may make an alternate selection. Prior to the beginning of classes you will receive a confirmation listing the courses for which you are enrolled.

What is SOSU?
SOSU (“Sold on Senior University”) is a group of individuals who have made a financial contribution to Senior University beyond membership dues and course registration fees. These tax-deductible contributions are very important in enabling Senior University to expand its services and improve its programs. Please consider a contribution today.

What are the procedures for Travel?
Please click here to view our policies and procedures for travel



In the fall of 1997, October 6, a group of about 35 Georgetown citizens met to explore the topic of continuing education for Senior citizens in the Georgetown community. This group included persons from Sun City and also from the greater Georgetown area. Dr. Forest Hill of the LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature Persons) program at the University of Texas reviewed the activities of their program and Jack Kelly outlined the program offered by Senior University of Atlanta, Georgia.

In the next weeks, a steering committee began to form. Dr. Linda Watkins agreed to be the curriculum chairperson. Some persons from the first gatherings offered to teach classes; Linda asked others to give one hour lectures. Just two months later, on January 9, 1998, an orientation meeting was held to introduce the first classes/lectures for a series beginning in February, 1998. Over 200 persons were present to witness short presentations from Dr. Claude Proctor, “Cossacks, Icons and Caviar”; Bill Glass, “Great Books”; Jack Kelly “Great Decisions in Foreign Policy”; and Dr. Adam Blatner, “Psychological Literacy”. The class with Claude filled and had 75 persons on a wait list!! We split the “Great Decisions” group into three classes with Hugh Winn and Bill Meehan as additional leaders. “Great Books” quickly reached its limit and the “Psychology” class with Adam Blatner grew to 100+ persons. The minutes of the organization in early February showed an enrollment of 242 “students”. The first session began February 16, 1998, and ran for six weeks.

The plan was to have students attend a six-week class of their choice and for all to attend a weekly lecture series on diverse topics. Included in that first term were the following lectures:

  • “Sonnets of Shakespeare” by Dr. Walter Herbert
  • “Crime in Texas” by Williamson County D.A. Ken Anderson
  • “Your Elected Officials” by Dr. Christine Smart
  • “Artists Who Painted Texas” by Marjorie Von Rosenberg
  • “Art and Architecture of Italy” by Betty Lemley
  • “From Hong Kong to Tiananmen Square” by Dr. Robert Hazelwood

Early organizational members included: Jack Kelly, Linda Watkins, Winnie Bowen, Adam Blatner, Jean Beall, Kay Cordi, Christine Smart, Bill Meehan, Hugh Winn, Bill Sawyer, Howard Parsonage, Jim Brown, Whitey Stephenson, Bill Rives, Ulie Alt, David Battershell and Claude Proctor.


Jack Kelly, President; Adam Blatner, Vice President; Christine Smart, Secretary; Winnie Bowen, Treasurer; Linda Watkins, Director of Programs; Kay Cordi, Registrar; Claude Proctor, Logo, Slogan; Hugh Winn, Chair Budget Committee; Ulie Alt.

We were off and running!! Our first “Free and Open to the Public” lecture was given by Dr. Bill Sawyer on “Biological Weapons and Warfare” on March 12, 1998. Another six week semester started only a few weeks later in April and a four week summer session at Southwestern University followed in July, 1998. The fall term offered additional locations at First Baptist Church in the daytime and First United Methodist Church in the evening. Senior University closed out a most SUCCESSFUL first year.


Gaz Green, President; Vic Figurelli, Vice-President; Winnie Bowen; Adam Blatner; Linda Watkins; Jo Roller; Claude Proctor; Shirley Sterling; Hugh Winn; Kay Cordi Submitted by Dr. Linda Watkins


Jack Kelly (deceased), Founding Board Member, President 1998
Gaz Green (deceased), President 1999, 2000, 2001
Vic Figurelli, President 2002, 2003, 2004
Bill Glass (deceased), President 2005
Bob Horick, President 2006
Stephen Benold, President 2007
Dwight Henn, President 2008
Mary K. Pierson, President 2009, 2010
Gwen Hauk, President 2011, 2012
Jerry Hobbs, President 2013, 2014
Vic Figurelli, President 2015
Paul Swetland, President 2016, 2017
Vic Figurelli, President 2018

Membership in Senior University is open to any person over the age of 50. Membership provides you access to a wide variety of courses during the fall and winter terms, to a fascinating week of lectures in the summer, and to a diverse array of travel activities throughout the year.

The membership dues are $50 per person for a twelve month period, starting with the month of your paid enrollment.

Course enrollment fees are $70 per person for the fall and winter terms and $50 for the summer term. Enrollees may register for one course in each time slot. We offer approximately 25 classes in the fall and winter terms in eight to ten time slots. Some courses may require the purchase of instructional materials at the student’s expense. Fees for travel activities vary.


Southwestern University,
Mundy Hall, Room 110
1310 Service Road
Georgetown, Texas 78626


Senior University
P.O. Box 488
Georgetown, Texas 78627


Phone: 512-819-7680



8:15am to 12:00 & 1:00pm to 3:00pm