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Fall 2018 Class Registration Instructions

The cost to attend classes at Senior University is $70.00 for as many classes as you desire during the 2018 Fall Session.  The member can choose their classes and then choose Credit Card or Check.  No credit card information is stored on the Senior University website.  For those who wish to pay by check they should print the confirmation page and mail it with a check for $70.00 to the Senior University address and the registration will be manually recorded by Senior University.  Some classes have size limitations because of the location, and registration to those classes are on a first come first served basis.

To register online please follow these steps:

  1. You must be logged into Senior University to get access to the form or you will be redirected to a login page for access to the form. After logging into the website and accessing the Registration Form, your personal information will be automatically inserted into the form from the information in our database.  You may not make any changes on this form.  If the information is not correct, exit this form and go to the Profile page to make your changes and then return to this form.  For those couples who share an email, using the username instead of email address to log in will get the individual’s name inserted into the form so shared emails can work but only if you enter the username and not email to log in.
  2. Choose the classes you want – only one per time period when multiple classes are offered.
  3. Review choices and choose payment option – credit card or check.
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. If paying by check, print the confirmation and mail with your check in the amount of $70.00 to Senior University.
  6. You can print or save a copy to your computer after final submission before closing the page.
  7. Once you close this page, you cannot go back and review, add, or delete choices. All changes after submission must submitted to Senior University in writing.
  8. Email verification will be sent to you at your email on record and a receipt for your credit card payment.

Thank you for registering and being a part of Senior University.


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