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Do I have to be a member of Senior University to take classes or to travel?
Yes. You must be a member to enroll for courses or travel. The membership dues are $50 per person for twelve months. Membership Form

How many courses may I take?
You may take one course in each time slot. Normally there are six to eight time slots, so you may enroll for six to eight courses in the fall or winter terms.

Do I have to pay for each class?
There is a single registration fee of $70 for the fall or winter terms and $50 for the summer term. You do not pay for each course. Some courses require materials which may have an additional cost.

How will I know that I have been enrolled?
You will receive a notice confirming your enrollment before classes begin via email.

May I register late?
Late enrollment is permitted for classes that are not filled.

How does Senior University determine who may register for courses with limited enrollment?
Applicants are enrolled on first-come-first-served bases. Some classes with limited enrollment fill quickly. You will be notified if a course you requested is no longer available, and you may make an alternate selection. Prior to the beginning of classes you will receive a confirmation listing the courses for which you are enrolled.

What is SOSU?
SOSU (“Sold on Senior University”) is a group of individuals who have made a financial contribution to Senior University beyond membership dues and course registration fees. These tax-deductible contributions are very important in enabling Senior University to expand its services and improve its programs. Please consider a contribution today.

What travel opportunities are available now?
Travel menu has links for policies and currently available travel opportunities.




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