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Room 105, Olin Building
Southwestern University
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The lectures are located in building #11. Parking is available near #13, #34 and #2

Monday, June 4

9:00 am – 10:00 am
“Songs of the Civil War”
Paul R. Lehman, PhD
Music played an extraordinarily important role throughout the Civil War in both the North and South. Patriotic songs, sentimental ballads, marching songs, comic ditties, and songs of emancipation that reflected and shaped those turbulent times will be presented and discussed.
Paul is Professor Emeritus and former Senior Associate Dean of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance at the University of Michigan.

10:30 am – noon
“The Birth of the Hollywood Musical”
Jerry Tapley
This lecture will present the story of motion pictures. Their origins as they are based on politics, under table deals, assassinations, and love will be discussed.
Jerry spent his career in motion picture and television production. He has consulted with the ABC, CBS, and NBC networks and many Hollywood film studios.

Tuesday, June 5

9:00 am – 10:00 am
“It’s a Materials World”
John Moore, PhD
Materials have always been used to make articles needed by man (and woman). These materials include metals, ceramics, glasses, plastics, composites, electronic and advanced materials. The nature and use of these materials will be discussed.
John was educated in material science and engineering in the UK. He has taught at several universities around the world, most recently at the Colorado School of Mines where he was Head of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

10:30 am – 11:30 am
“Why Is It Called Football? The Development of America’s Game”
Joe Austin
Although football’s popularity clearly makes it America’s game, few people know about football’s origin and how it evolved. The story of how football became football will surprise you and change the way you view the sport forever.
Joe is the Head Football Coach at Southwestern University. Charged with re-starting the program in 2012, in four years (2016) he delivered a Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championship and was named Coach of the Year.

Wednesday, June 6

This lecture is closed
“The Silent Killer that Swept Away Empires and Created New Ones”
Wayne Dawson
Few people realize the critical role pathogens played in the fall of the Roman Empire, the decimation of Chinese civilization, and the conquest of America. Disease even explains the preference for white indentured servants in New England and black slaves in the southern colonies.
Wayne is a reporter for the Williamson Sun, the founder of Central Texas Authors, and the author of four books. He is a former Professor of American and World History.

This lecture is closed
“FDR and Churchill: The Partnership that Won the War”
David Smith, PhD
The alliance between the US and the UK in WWII was instrumental in bringing that war to a successful conclusion. More than in any other conflict, it was an alliance influenced by the relationship of two men, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, that was the key to winning the war.
David is a senior lecturer in American History at Baylor University. He is the author of several books and numerous essays on history, culture, and politics that regularly appear in national publications.

Thursday, June 7

This lecture is closed
“Hidden Stories of Williamson County”
Ann Evans
What happened to the San Xavier Mission? How did the Palace Theater become integrated during WWII? Who are the people behind the iconic buildings on the Square? We will take a deeper look into local history.
Ann holds a BA in History and Masters in Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked for the Williamson Museum since 2013 and is currently the Curator.

This lecture is closed
“Georgetown: Pathways and Portals”
Donna Scarbrough Josey
This lecture will explore old transportation routes, specifically four important entry areas in early Georgetown. Historic and present-day photographs will show how the early roads, bridges, and crude river crossings have evolved with the growth of Georgetown.
Donna is a lifelong resident of Georgetown active in downtown business, tourism, and historic preservation. She is the author of two books on Georgetown history.

Friday, June 8

9:00 am – 10:00 am
“Heart Health: Cardiac Disease and Its Prevention”
Robert Jensen, MD
This lecture will review heart anatomy leading into a broad discussion of cardiac diseases. The focus will be on heart wellness and disease prevention.
Dr. Jensen is a retired board certified pathologist with over 30 years in health care. He holds advanced degrees in Medicine, Public Health, Health Care Administration and Chinese Acupuncture.

This lecture is closed
“The Crucible of Faith: Judaism and Christianity (200 BCE – 100 CE)”
Stephen Benold, MD
This lecture will cover the influence of Greek culture on Judaism, the apocalyptic books not included in the biblical canon, and the divergence of Judaism and Christianity as separate world religions.
Dr. Benold was the Hayden Honor Scholar in Economics at Rice University prior to earning his degree in medicine. He retired as medical director of the Williamson County EMS, but still maintains a private financial practice.





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