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Due to the great interest in the Travel Program, we offer all seats possible for reservation, and on many trips all seats are taken. All trips are subject to change or cancellation. You must be a member of Senior University to participate in the Travel Program.

Trips are advertised in one or more of the following ways:
• On the Senior University website at
• E-mail notification to all members
• Announced in Course Schedules, during classes, annual meeting, or on trips.


Trip reservations are made online or by mail. If you chose to register via mail please mail your form and check to Senior University, P.O. Box 488, Georgetown, TX 78627. Confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by email by the Senior University office upon receipt of the reservation/check. You will be notified if the trip is full and you are on
the waitlist.

Payment must be made by personal check and submitted with the reservations form. A fee of $25 will be charged if your check is returned unpaid by our bank.

 Day Trip 100% due with reservation.
Overnight Trip Less than 45 days prior to trip:
100% due with reservation
More than 45 days prior to trip:
$500 deposit due with reservations.
Interim deposits may be required based on trip.
Deposit requirements may also vary based on trip requirements.


Confirmation email notices will be sent by the Administrator every Thursday.


 Reminder email notices will be sent approximately 10 days prior to the trip with specific information about the trip.


 If you are unable to go on a trip and you desire to give/sell your seat to a friend, the friend must be (or become) a member of Senior University.  You must also notify the Senior University office of the change so the trip roster can be updated.  It is important that you speak to the Administrator if you have to make a last minute cancellation.   Administrator contact information:  512-819-7680 or email

Day Trips – You can cancel up to 30 days prior to a day trip to receive a refund. If you cancel within 30 days of the travel date, you will only receive a refund if there is a Senior University member on the waitlist to take your place.

Overnight Trips – You can cancel up to 30 days prior to an overnight trip to receive a refund. Longer trips usually require a non-refundable deposit.   If that is the case, a “no refund of deposit” is stated on the trip flyer.

If you cancel within 30 days of the travel date, you will only receive a refund if there is a Senior University member on the waitlist to take your place.

Roommate cancellations – Because hotel rates are set for single or double occupancy, should one of two roommates with a double occupancy reservation cancel and receive a refund, the other roommate will be responsible for the cost difference between the double and single occupancy rate.


Senior University does not assume liability for medical issues that might occur during a trip.  Travelers are encouraged to obtain individual insurance.

Senior University Georgetown – Information for Travelers

The Travel Program is a part of the Senior University educational experience which encourages student interaction related to the various aspects of each excursion.

Travelers are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with their fellow travelers, especially as they relate to the educational purposes of each specific trip.

Seats will not be assigned; travelers will choose their own seats on a “first-come-first-seated” basis. On longer trips, a seat rotation system may be utilized. A few seats on each trip are reserved for supplies, hosts and guides; these seats are marked with “Reserved” signs.

Smoking, tobacco chewing, and consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the motor coach.

Travelers who require personal assistance must be accompanied by a companion who is capable of, and responsible for, providing such assistance.  The personal assistant must pay for his/her space on the trip.

Please notify the office if there are special dietary requests. Every effort will be made to honor such requests.

Accommodations are based on double or single occupancy only. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange roommates. However, we can connect you with another person seeking a roommate should one be available. We request 2 beds or King/Queen where possible.


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